Yunique PLM

Kardem uses YuniquePLM™ Product Lifecycle Management software to further its wholehearted commitment to creativity, quality, efficiency, and supply chain integration. The YuniquePLM™ technology provides Kardem with accelerated time to market, reduced lead time and improved service. By managing the details of line plans, tech packs and samples, it simplifies communication and collaboration with all partners. As a result, YuniquePLM enables Kardem to achieve greater price and time efficiencies as it continues to grow and satisfy its impressive customer base.


The integration between business (OR ORDER TO CASH) processes helps us develop communication and information distribution. This leads to a remarkable increase in productivity, speed, and performance.

kardem technology

3D body scan

The NX-16 3D scanner scans the whole body in seconds and rapidly produces a true-to-scale 3D body model. The included automatic body measurement software can extract over 400 unique measurements, many of which can be user customized.

Bluecherry technology

Kardem has implemented BlueCherry real-time production control system across the factories to manage production effectively through the automation of data collection and reporting of production. Furthermore, it enables real-time shop floor visibility and control, improving factory operations, productivity and quality. Indeed, BlueCherry’s technology utilizes individual operator terminals to gather information on all production activities precisely as they occur. This information is presented to operators to empower and motivate them with feedback on their individual performance. In addition, it helps them achieve predetermined potential work-around solutions before problems and excess costs escalate out of control. Similarly, problems in quality are being isolated as soon as they are discovered and the responsible operator identifies them in real-time, thus considerably minimizing the damages, time losses and other potential consequences.

kardem teknoloji

Kardem is using GSD software for pre-production planning. Kardem can calculate methods and time plan for all operations. After that, we can reach the minutes and cost results for each product.
Kardem can manage centrally his capacity for each plants, resource planning, and bant balancing. We have the technical and material report for each product.