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Sustained by our global network of partners and suppliers, Kardem specializes in design and high-tech production of high-volume, time-sensitive fashion garments and collections for Turkey and the world’s leading brands. Using a lean management approach, we reach an average total production capacity of 2,000,000 units per month.


Kardem has been ranked among largest corporations in Fortune and the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). It is also an active member of Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB) and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO).


Our management team is composed of some of the most experienced professionals in the Apparel industry. Moreover, each senior executive is guided by an entrepreneurial approach and a deep knowledge of geography and the product line. This depth of executive experience provides a strong and talented team that has been instrumental in Kardem’s continuous growth and success.

Kardem Office


To become a leading ready-made clothing company, which adds value to its customers, provides sustainability of suppliers and keeps its employees highly motivated. We do so by offering a wide range of products and services, flexibility, speed and quality all together, through proactive and innovative approaches.



To become Turkey’s leading company in the export of ready-made clothing and to become the strategic partner of preference for the world’s main fashion brands by 2023.



We strive to develop a participative corporate culture, guided by principles such as innovation, continuous change and development. As a result, and thanks to our dynamic and productive work force, we manage to keep our team spirit strong and the concept of institutional commitment alive.

Kardem core values


With firm steps forward, we are progressing on the road towards being a flexible and rapid company. On the other hand, we aim to keep our organizational focus on our clients, approaching them proactively to add value to all our business partners. Furthermore, we are sensitive towards the environment and loyal to our ethical values.

Kardem strategic partnerships


Through our “Total Quality Policy” and strict rules for information security, we ensure that all our processes are 100% safe and of the highest quality.