We hereby declare our “Quality Policy”, which is aimed at assembling our company together with our stakeholders toward a shared objective within the framework of a Total Quality concept and in line with our “Mission”, “Vision” and “Core Values”, which hereby commit to observe and implement through the course of our operations in the ready-to-wear industry.

Adding Value to Our Customers
We plan our products and services to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers in terms of quality, speed and flexibility, which we analyze with consideration of their custom concepts and approaches. We constantly measure and aim to ensure the continuity of our customers’ satisfaction.

Ensuring / Operational Excellence
Operating throughout the entire value chain from our suppliers to our customers; we focus on enhancing the performance company-wide and aim to create a systemic basis for growth.

Acting with Agile Management Concept
Identifying the opportunities, threats and the risks, we act, focusing on effectively and efficiently responding them. We reflect our strategy to aligned processes, projects and our corporate structure, and aim to ensure the implementation of changes throughout the entire value chain at reasonable speed.

We are successful because our employees are
We value our staff members and endeavor to create a culture of delegation with a view to enable them to accomplish their corporate and individual goals. Through our Total Quality Management perspective; we encourage our staff members for improvement and change, appreciate their efforts and achievements.

Tapping into Advancing Technology
We keep close track with and timely tap into the advancements in technology with a view to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

Continuous Improvement of the Quality Management System (“QMS”) Effectiveness
We adopt and implement a quality-oriented, systematic and well-disciplined approach in our organizational structuring and operations; we continuously review our system to create improvement opportunities.


In line with the understanding of our Core Values as “Respect to Humanity and to Nature”, “Accountability”, “Honesty and Transparency”; and to protect the trust of our stakeholders; we act with social responsibility consciousness in all our activities. In this direction;

Our organization provides a fair and equitable working environment

• The personal rights of our employees are regulated in accordance with the law.

• For the health and safety of our employees, legal requirements are met and sustainability is ensured.

• Against the health and safety risks that may arise in the work environment, all necessary measures are taken.

• We give importance to our suppliers’ awareness of social and environmental responsibility and to improve their activities by checking the appropriateness of their activities.

• With our responsibility towards the environment, we cooperate wiith our business partners and the relevant legal bodies for the seperation, collection, recycling and disposal of wastes.

• A transparent policy is followed for production practices in our suppliers; it is important to be environmentally friendly while producing high quality textile products that are safe for health.

• Educational activities aiming to increase the quality of life and social responsibility are planned and passed on.

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